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Dr. Irwin's Practice

get some clarity

Perhaps you have symptoms you don’t understand and need some answers and direction.

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You may have issues you may not feel comfortable discussing. Or you have moved here and need to continue care.

Why Reach Out?

Dr. Irwin can provide a compassionate ear, professional wisdom and a start (or continuation) on the route to wellness.

Your Issues

Receive help for adult ADD, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, transitions, shyness or insecurity and more.

About Dr. Irwin

Abby Irwin, MD, an adult board-certified psychiatrist, offers psychotherapy, medication, and clinical consultation services. As part of her practice, she sees patients age 18 and over for a wide variety of reasons. Dr. Irwin is available either as a sole provider for mental health issues or as a compliment to your already existing psychotherapy or counseling. Dr. Irwin is also available as a corporate consultant to provide in-house assessments and advice as to management of interpersonal or other work-related complexities as well as a consultant for forensics cases. If you are located at a distance from Dr. Irwin’s office in Lewisburg, PA, you may schedule a virtual appointment via her telepsychiatry practice.


All new patients must schedule an initial consultation of 60 minutes. The purpose is so you can describe your issues, to learn about your background history, such that a plan of action can be decided.

New Patient Consultation

Initial evaluation for a plan to wellness.

60-Minute Follow-Up

Psychotherapy and/or medication management.

30-Minute Follow-Up

Brief psychotherapy and/or medication management.

15-Minute Follow-Up

Quick wellness check.


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Our Philosophy

While medication can be life-saving, a holistic approach is essential to Dr. Irwin’s care of your mental health. Medication is just one piece of getting better. Hopefully, you will have greater understanding of yourself and your relationships along the way.

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Easy Access to Care

For Bucknell students without a car, Zip Car is a convenient on-campus option. Also, free medication delivery is available to campus from Lewisburg Pharmacy. Additionally, if BU or SU students, faculty or community members are away, too busy, or shy about entering a psychiatrist's office, feel free to receive help via video chat or phone via our telepsychiatry option.

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Continuity of Care

If you choose to continue care with Dr. Irwin after graduation or leaving the area, you may continue via video chat or phone if living in PA or CA. NY, NJ, and VA pending. All prescriptions are sent directly to your pharmacy of choice.

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